Getting ready

General rules

We ask you to show consideration and respect for your neighbours by limiting noise, especially between 9pm and 8am. Our environment is quiet and peaceful, and we want it to remain so.

How to use the butane stove


How to make coffee


Arrival time is 4pm or later. Your chalet will not be cleaned or ready before your arrival. The coded lock associated with your booking will not be valid until 4pm on the day of your scheduled arrival or after 11am on the day of your scheduled departure.

We are proud to be a "pet friendly" company.

For a fee of $25, all your pets are welcome in the L'Air and L'Eau squares, the La Quintessence and L'Elixir triangles, the L'Acer, Le Fagus and Le Fraxinus pods and all our Rustiques.

We accept one medium or large dog or 2 small dogs or cats per unit.

You must be out of your unit by 11am. We cannot accept late departures. We strictly enforce arrival and departure times to ensure that each cottage is ready for our next guests. A late departure on the same day will result in a $100 charge for each unauthorized guest who stays longer.

  • Make sure that all windows and doors are closed. It is not necessary to lock the windows.
  • Close the firebox door securely and return the tool to its original location.

If a full cleaning of the unit is required, a fee of $150 will be charged to the credit card on file.

Please bear in mind that your stay will be in the middle of the forest. Despite the fact that we regularly inspect our units, you may encounter insects or rodents during your stay. We are not responsible if you find insects or rodents in your cottage during your stay. Please keep the doors closed at all times to prevent small intruders from visiting you during your stay.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, we have recycling (blue bin) and composting bins available at the reception desk. The black bin is for waste. We count on your cooperation to use them. Please do not leave any waste in your ecogîte.

Each unit has one (1) parking space for one (1) car.

It is possible to reserve a 2nd place at a cost of 10$ / night


Coming soon

We make every effort to make our trails safe; injuries caused by your activities are your responsibility. A first aid kit is available at the reception desk.

Please keep in mind that you are staying in a non-smoking establishment. If you do not comply with this regulation, you may be fined up to $750 under the "Tobacco Control Act" (L-6.2.). After you leave, our inspection team will go through the house to ensure that it is in good condition. Any damage caused by smoking inside the property will be the responsibility of the tenant.

Please do not move any furniture or appliances. You will be held responsible for any damage caused by moving them.

  1. Pulling the chimney key forward
  2. Pull the air key to the right side
  3. Light your fire and close the stove door
  4. Wait until the stove is hot (about 45 minutes)
  5. Close both sides
  6. To put back wood, open both keys BEFORE opening the stove door (to avoid smoke in the eco-home). After adding wood, close the stove door and close the two keys. Do not overload the stove with wood.

    When the fire is well underway, don't forget to leave the window open a little to avoid any concentration of carbon monoxide. A smoke detector and a fire extinguisher are on site for your safety: The smoke detector is extremely sensitive to all smoke and low temperatures and can sound quickly.

Do not flush the following items down the toilet or sink to ensure the proper functioning of our private septic systems.

  • Bathroom items (tampons, towels).
  • Put them in the basket provided.
  • Condoms
  • Paper napkins for food
  • Rocks, gravel and other hard objects
  • Ashes