Vineyards, microbreweries, cider houses and more

Drinking directly from the source

Discovering Quebec's Eastern Townships also means savoring local delicacies and "drinking directly from the source" by visiting the region's microbreweries, cideries, vineyards and distilleries.

Beer lovers will be delighted by the range of local microbreweries on offer. It all starts with our friends at Cie Vilandre and their 15 lines of draught beers. With names like 11 Comtés, Microbrasserie Le Lion d'Or, Siboire, Le Boquébière, La Mare au Diable, Le Refuge des Brasseurs, Microbrasserie Coaticook, Microbrasserie Hop Station and La Memphré, each brewery offers its own unique touch. Whether you like bitter ales, rich stouts or light lagers, you'll find what you're looking for.

For those who prefer cider, the Eastern Townships also offer a fine selection of cideries and orchards, including Les Délices de Compton (Cidrerie Compton), Verger familial et Compagnons, Verger La Pommalbonne and Verger Le Gros Pierre. These establishments produce a variety of ciders, from dry to sweet, ice ciders and flavored ciders.

The region's fertile soil is also ideal for viticulture. Local wineries such as Domaine Bergeville, Le Cep d'Argent, Vignoble Chemin de la Rivière, Halte des pèlerins, Domaine Ives Hill, Grange Hatley, Vignoble Pinard et Filles, Au Vignoble d'Orford, produce a range of red, white, rosé and specialty wines. These establishments often offer guided tours and tastings, giving visitors a unique opportunity to discover Quebec wines.

Finally, the region is also renowned for its distilleries, notably Cherry River Distillery and Domaine Ives Hill. These distilleries produce a variety of local spirits, including whiskies, gins, vodkas and liqueurs, all made with local ingredients.

In short, whether you're a craft beer lover, a cider connoisseur, a wine epicurean or a spirits enthusiast, the North Hatley region has something for every palate.

11 counties




La Mare au Diable


The Brewers' Refuge


Ives Hill Estate


The Memphre


Cherry River Distillery


Domaine Bergeville


Pilgrim's Stop


Hatley Barn


Family Orchard and Companions


Local microbreweries

  • 11 counties
  • Microbrewery Le Lion d'Or
  • Siberian
  • Le Boquébière
  • La Mare au Diable
  • The Brewers' Refuge
  • Coaticook Microbrewery
  • Hop Station Microbrewery
  • The Memphre

Cider mills and orchards

  • Les Délices de Compton (Compton Cider House)
  • Family Orchard and Companions
  • La Pommalbonne orchard
  • Le Gros Pierre orchard

Visits to vineyards and tasting of local wines

  • Domaine Bergeville
  • Le Cep d'Argent
  • Vineyard Chemin de la Rivière
  • Pilgrims' stopover
  • Ives Hill Estate
  • Hatley Barn
  • Pinard and Daughters Vineyard
  • At the Orford Vineyard

Distilleries and local alcohol

  • Cherry River Distillery
  • Ives Hill Estate