Rustic "60" mini chalets - 2+1 persons (for an additional charge)

Welcome to Station Chêne rouge!

At Station Chêne Rouge, there's no electricity or running water in any of our mini chalets or safari tents.

*** These dwellings offer a form of winter camping. ***

*** Our 2 (two) different Rustiques "60" are designed to accommodate 2+1 (for an additional fee) people and are allocated randomly. ***

Immerse yourself in an authentic rustic experience at Station Chêne Rouge with our 2 (two) different Rustic "60" mini-cabins inspired by the fishing, hunting and adventure camps of yesteryear.

Nestled in the heart of the Eastern Townships, our 2 (two) different Rustic "60" mini-cabins are specially designed for sports enthusiasts and adventurers looking for a wilderness getaway.

Our 2 (two) different Rustic "60" mini-cabins are the ideal refuge for fishing, hunting, golf, sailing, paddle boarding, tennis, canoeing, swimming and even curling enthusiasts. Inspired by the day camps of yesteryear, our accommodations offer cozy comfort after a busy day exploring the region's natural wonders and activities.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or simply hungry for adventure, our rustic mini-cabins are the perfect option for those looking for an authentic experience on a budget.

Equipped with a comfortable queen-size bed (We can add a floor mattress for a 3rd person) and all common facilities such as swimming pool, hiking trails, barbecue, fire ring and much more, our mini-cabins offer you the comfort you need to recharge your batteries after a busy day.

Reconnect with nature and explore all the riches our region has to offer by staying in our 2 (two) different Rustic "60" mini-cabins at Station Chêne Rouge.

At Station Chêne Rouge, we invite you to enjoy an authentic glamorous camping experience, where modern comfort meets the wild beauty of nature.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

*** These dwellings offer a form of winter camping. ***

*** Our two different Rustic "60" mini-cabins are designed to accommodate 2+1 (for an additional fee) people and are allocated on a random basis. ***

Approx. distance: 400 m .

What to bring :

  • Bedding and/or sleeping bag (You can also use our bedding service at a cost of $40 per stay, which includes fitted sheet, sheets, comforter, fleece blanket, 2 pillows, pillowcases, 2 towels.)
  • All kitchen and dining equipment
  • Fire starter and lighter for your outdoor fire
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Cooler for food and drinks
  • For your dog: leash, poop bag, cushion or crate, water bowl and food.


Included in your stay :

  • Free parking
  • New portable toilet 80 meters from your home
  • Firewood(available for self-service near your mini-chalet)
  • Ice (available for self-service at the Clubhouse)
  • Access to the Clubhouse, with its natural teleworking area and barbecue
  • Free Nespresso coffee at the Clubhouse
  • Access to our heated outdoor saltwater swimming pool (June to October). Opening dates depend on weather conditions.
  • WIFI connection via extra-fast cable (available only in the main chalet and events building)
  • Access to the different terraces
  • Access to the event building and barbecue
  • Using our aerial hammock
  • Showers (with underfloor heating, our sanitary block offers 3 showers for women, 3 showers for men, 4 toilets and a washbasin)

Inside your micro cottage

  • Sleeps 2 - One queen-size bed
  • Some candles
  • 1 4L bottle of water for drinking, cooking and/or dishwashing
  • Butane stove
  • 2 Small plates
  • 2 Cups
  • 1 Kitchen towel
  • 2 Forks, 2 spoons & 2 knives
  • 1 Cutting board
  • 1 Battery lantern
  • 2 Chairs
  • 1 Table
  • 1 Crockery bin
  • A few decorations


Outside your micro-cottage

  • Beautiful private and intimate terrace
  • A fire ring and an outdoor cooking grid
  • A picnic table
  • 2 Adirondack chairs


Pour bien préparer votre séjour

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