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What to do at the resort

In the heart of Quebec's Eastern Townships, in the charming region of North Hatley, Station Chêne Rouge offers a space dedicated to relaxation, creativity and well-being.

Coming soon, Station Chêne Rouge will be offering art and creative workshops, moments of mindfulness and meditation, and folk tales with a storyteller. These activities will stimulate your imagination and allow you to discover new forms of expression, while nourishing your soul.

In addition to these workshops, the Station invites visitors to discover the joy of cooking over an open fire. What could be more comforting than preparing a meal together, in the heart of nature? And after the meal, there's nothing like a hearty chat around the campfire.

For water sports enthusiasts, the nearby North Hatley marina offers kayaking and paddleboarding.

For those who prefer terra firma, the resort offers hiking trails in the mountains or in Scowen Park.

The Station Chêne Rouge team also organizes foraging workshops and nutrition discussions. These workshops will teach you how to cook healthy, balanced meals, using local, seasonal produce.

For a moment of pure relaxation, let yourself be tempted by an on-site massage from the professionals at Osez relaxer.

Station Chêne Rouge is also a music lover's paradise, with acoustic fireside evenings and live music concerts.

And for astronomy enthusiasts, the Station offers the chance to stargaze in a clear sky, far from the light pollution of the city.

Other activities include the Pop-Up Bar and tastings, digital detox and fitness retreats, movie night, dinner at our social kitchen and, of course, yoga sessions.

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Awareness and meditation

Coming soon

Cooking on the fire

Acoustic music by the fire

August 5

Spa Zone

Coming soon

Picking in the garden

Observing the stars

April 8, 2024


Pop-Up bar and tastings

Coming soon

Walking in the mountains


Coming soon
  • Arts and creative workshops (coming soon)
  • Mindfulness and meditation (coming soon)
  • Folk tales with storyteller (to come)
  • Cooking on the fire
  • Relax in the spa area, just a few steps from the clubhouse. (coming soon)
  • Relaxation and picking in our garden
  • Discussion around the campfire
  • Kayak or Paddleboard nearby
  • Walking in the Mountains 
  • Foraging walk and nutrition discussion (to come)
  • Massages on site (coming soon)
  • Morning meditation and gentle movements (coming soon)
  • Acoustic music by the fire
  • Live music (coming soon)
  • Observing the stars
  • Pop-Up Bar and tastings (coming soon)
  • Digital detox retreat
  • Fitness retreats (coming soon)
  • Movie night (to come)
  • Dinner at our social kitchen
  • Yoga (coming soon)