Outdoor recreation

Relax in nature in
the North Hatley region

The charming North Hatley region of the Eastern Townships offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor relaxation. Whether you prefer the warmth of a sauna, the relaxation of a spa, the adventure of a boat trip or the beauty of a field of flowers, you'll find an activity to help you disconnect and recharge.

A unique detoxification experience is offered at the Solstice Sauna. It's the perfect place to relax and meet people who share the same values of well-being and connection with nature.

For the ultimate in relaxation, North Hatley and the surrounding area are home to several renowned thermal spas. Manoir Hovey, a luxurious lakeside mansion, offers refined spa treatments in an idyllic setting. Strom Spa, Spa Nordic Station, Spa Bolton and Spa Eastman, all nestled in the natural landscapes of the Eastern Townships, offer a variety of wellness treatments to help you disconnect from everyday stress and reconnect with yourself.

Maritime adventure is also within your grasp with Escapades Memphrémagog and Navette Le Wippi. These nautical experiences let you discover the beauty of Lake Memphremagog while enjoying the gentle sway of the waves under the sun.

For an unforgettable sensory experience, a visit to the lavender fields is a must. Bleu Lavande is a local farm specializing in the production of this fragrant flower, offering visitors the chance to stroll among the blooms, breathe in their soothing aroma and purchase lavender-based products. Similarly, the Apothecary Farm and Liberterre Apothecary grow a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants, creating a space for relaxation and learning in the heart of nature.

Memphremagog Escapades


Le Wippi Shuttle

Ayer's Cliff

Thermal Spa

Hovey Manor

Strom Spa


Spa Nordic Station


Bolton Spa

East Bolton

Lavender Blue


Liberterre Apothecary

Ayer's Cliff

Relax at the spa

  • Thermal spa - Manoir Hovey
  • Strom Spa
  • Spa Nordic Station
  • Bolton Spa
  • Spa Eastman

Sailing by boat

  • Memphremagog Escapades
  • Le Wippi Shuttle

Lavender fields and flower gardens

  • Lavender Blue

Apothecary farm

  • Liberterre Apothecary