Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentiality policy



In accordance with current legislation, notably the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (federal) and the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (Quebec), Station Chêne rouge has adopted a policy concerning personal information, electronic documents and the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of its operations.

STATION CHÊNE ROUGE takes the protection of personal information and privacy seriously, and is committed to preserving the confidentiality of information exchanged with its customers and partners.


STATION CHÊNE ROUGE has established a rigorous privacy policy that outlines how we collect, use, communicate and transmit the information you provide to us in the course of our operations.

The purpose of this policy is to set out the methods and means used by STATION CHÊNE ROUGE to comply with the legislative framework applicable to personal information and to the confidentiality of the information it obtains from its customers and partners.

Please note that the use of the masculine form in this Policy also includes the feminine and other gender identities.


When you browse our website, fill out a form or use our booking engine, we may collect information that can identify you personally.

Under the Act, personal information is any information that relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified. For example, your name, home address and e-mail address are considered personal information.

When you provide personal information, we will inform you in advance and you will then consent to its use for the purposes stated below and to STATION CHÊNE ROUGE being the authorized holder of such information.



We may also collect information that is not personally identifiable, such as the time and date of your visit to our website, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the link from which you accessed our website, the pages you visit, and the type of browser and operating system you use. We may also use cookies, which are pieces of information that our server stores on your computer's hard drive through your browser. You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly. In particular, we use cookies to :

  • To measure the statistics of our Web site;
  • Save your preferences.



When we collect personal information, we ask for your consent by various means, for example by filling out a form, by clicking on an authorization electronically, or by any other means that ensures that you give us informed consent to transmit such information.

We understand that when you provide us with such information, you consent to its use in accordance with this Policy.

We collect personal information when you make a reservation with us. Any action related to a registration or contact form requires the voluntary transmission of your personal information. When this information is required to process your request, you will be notified directly on the form to be completed.

You may withdraw your consent. In this regard, we refer you to the right to withdraw consent section below.

Electronic mailing list (Newsletter)

When you subscribe to our electronic mailing list (Newsletter), we collect the following information:

Your last name, first name, e-mail address and city.

This information is then stored on our computer server for the sole purpose of sending you the Newsletter. You may unsubscribe from this Newsletter at any time, as indicated on the Newsletter. Your information will not be automatically deleted unless you request it.

Online booking

When you make a reservation on our website, we collect the following information:

Your last name, first name, home address, e-mail address and telephone number. We also collect your credit card number, but this is provided directly by our direct payment partner, Mews. We never collect or store your credit card information in our computer system. We ensure that our partner, Mews, exercises the utmost care and security in protecting your personal data, including your financial data. As part of its operations, Mews uses computer servers outside Quebec and Canada to store electronic information.


The use of our website does not require registration or the use of a password.

Personal information that is usually recorded by Internet servers may be collected when you browse our website, such as the Internet protocol address (IP address), the date and time of access, and the operating system and browser used by the Internet user. Demographic statistics on our visitors (age group, country of origin, language of correspondence, etc.) and their browsing habits (pages consulted, number of visits, duration of consultation, etc.) are also considered personal information.

La Station Chêne rouge collects such information mainly through the use of cookies. Cookies are small data files that a browser installs on the hard drive of an Internet user's computer when he or she first visits a Web site.

User data is collected to enable us to provide our products and services and for the following purposes: advertising, behavioral analysis and statistics, customer contact, interaction with social networks and external platforms, registration and authentication, response to comments, remarketing and targeting according to visiting habits.


Our site may contain links (hyperlinks) to Web sites operated by persons and companies other than Station Chêne rouge. We have no control over these sites, and the privacy and information you send through these sites is subject to the privacy and confidentiality policies of these individuals and companies, not of Station Chêne rouge.

Analytical tool

La Station Chêne rouge uses the Google Analytics audience analysis tool to obtain demographic statistics on its visitors and statistics on their browsing habits. We can also use this data to better understand their behavior or improve the structure of our website. In addition, Google Analytics enables us to profile our current and potential visitors, so that we can improve our product and service offering. To collect anonymous information and produce statistical reports, Google Analytics may use cookies, but without identifying you personally.

Advertising and remarketing 

Station Chêne rouge uses Google AdWords and Facebook Ads advertising tools to promote its products and services on search engines and to drive traffic to its website. These tools use cookies and other technologies to track and analyze data, assess content popularity, better understand users' online activities and deliver targeted advertising (such as interests, site visits or demographics). The way Station Chêne rouge uses Google AdWords and Facebook Ads enables it to adapt its marketing practices to better meet the needs of its customers and display ads that are likely to be of interest to them.

Cookie deactivation

Any user can activate or deactivate the use of cookies by Google. To do so, go to the following address: https: //

You can also deactivate the delivery of ads targeted by centers of interest or demographic data on Google, by consulting the Ads Preference Manager. When you deactivate this setting, ads are not blocked. They still appear, but are generally no longer related to your interests, demographics or the sites you've visited.


We use your personal information in accordance with the legislation currently in force in Quebec regarding the protection of personal information, and only for the purposes mentioned in this Policy.

Station Chêne rouge uses and discloses personal information only with your consent, except where required by law. Personal data collection is for the purpose of communicating with you, providing you with the services and information you request or providing you with information that may be of interest to you.

No information is sold, distributed, exchanged or communicated to third parties unless required by law or with your consent, and except as provided in this Policy.

Your personal information is used solely for :

  • To provide and maintain our Web site, including monitoring its use;
  • Communicate with you by e-mail, telephone, text message or other equivalent forms of electronic communication or in the form of informational communications related to features, products or services, including software or security updates, where necessary or reasonable for their implementation;
  • Gather statistics and user information;
  • To perform data analysis, identify usage trends, determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns, and evaluate and improve our products, services and marketing initiatives;
  • Make payments and process invoices;
  • Automatically personalize your documents with your contact or personal information;
  • Provide you with free online support via e-mail, which may require the use of your personal information to assist you in using our Web site;
  • For other purposes, ultimately aimed at providing you with quality service and optimizing your experience as a customer or partner.


All the information we collect, whatever it may be, is confidential and will remain so. No information is transmitted to a person who is not acting as an employee, agent, subcontractor, contractor, service provider, to name but a few, on behalf of Station Chêne rouge, unless we are required to do so by law.

However, as indicated in our terms of sale, we use third parties and delegate tasks to them to perform various functions on our behalf.

We use a variety of IT solutions, including to make our Web site accessible and to enable you to enter information for purposes such as requesting service information, providing digital andcloud storage of our business information, configuring, administering, maintaining and repairing our servers and workstations, manage our customer relationships, carry out online advertising, carry out customer banking transactions, including payments and refunds, maintain our accounting records and prepare our company financial statements, carry out audits or verifications and any other services required to carry out our business activities.

In doing so, your personal information is stored in our databases (including local storage), affiliated companies' databases or databases managed by third-party service providers. These suppliers are located in Canada and may also be located abroad, including in the United States. Data will be automatically transferred to these databases in compliance with applicable legislation. By browsing our Web site, you consent to such cross-border transfers of personal information to the United States and other jurisdictions.

We strive to ensure that the personal information we transmit to and from Canada, via our partners, is adequately protected. We ensure that our partners use privacy and security mechanisms that are at least as effective and secure as those we use.

Here are the suppliers we deal with:

Communication services

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Revinate

Advertising services

  • Google
  • Facebook ads

Cloud storage services

  • Google

Web hosting services

  • Please check and complete


  • Mews
  • SiteMinder


The information we share with our partners is disclosed only to those who need to have access to it in order to carry out their duties.

Our employees may use the personal information to which they have access only for the purposes for which the information was obtained (newsletter, contests, reservations, etc.) and only in the performance of their duties for Station Chêne rouge.


As a user or customer, you have the right to access, portability, rectification or deletion of your personal information, as well as the right to withdraw your consent to certain processing of said information. While some of these rights apply generally, others apply only in certain very specific circumstances. These rights are described as follows:

a) Right of access to personal information

You have the right to access your personal information, to obtain a copy of the personal information we process and to obtain information about our internal processing of personal information. In the event that you request to know what personal information we process, we will provide you with the following information free of charge: the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal information processed, the categories of persons who have access to your personal information, the recipient(s) of the personal information, the retention period of the personal information and information on data transfers.

Any such request must be accompanied by all relevant details, including your full contact details, and submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. You have the right to obtain from us confirmation as to whether or not your personal information is being processed and, if so, access to your personal information. The data controller will provide you with a copy of the personal data processed within a reasonable period of time.

b) Right to the portability of personal information

You have the right to receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used and computer-readable format. Any such request must be accompanied by all relevant details, including your full contact details, and submitted by e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

We will make every effort to fulfill your request, but serious practical difficulties may limit our ability to do so.

c) Right of rectification

You have the right, if necessary, to have your personal information amended, deleted or restricted. Any such request must be accompanied by all relevant details, including your full contact details, and submitted by e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

Please note that we may rectify, reconstruct or delete incomplete or inaccurate information at any time, at our own discretion. You have the right to obtain from us, within a reasonable time, the rectification of inaccurate personal information. You have the right, taking into account the purposes of the processing, to complete incomplete personal information, in particular by providing us with an additional declaration in this respect.

d) Right to withdraw consent

You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal information at any time. In this case, if there is no overriding legitimate interest in continuing to process your personal information (e.g. to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, implement our agreements, etc.) and said personal information is no longer necessary for the purpose originally pursued, we will delete your personal information.

Any such request must be accompanied by all relevant details, including your full contact details, and submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. In addition, you have the right to request that we delete your information and we will delete your personal information within a reasonable period of time. Your user data will be deleted within a reasonable period of time following the closure of your account. However, withdrawal of your consent may result in the termination of our provision of services or goods in cases where we are no longer able to adequately fulfill our mandate. Finally, you acknowledge that certain personal information provided in the course of providing services or goods must be kept on file in accordance with applicable legislation.

e) Right of refusal

You can ask us not to send you commercial communications and not to use your personal information when profiling you for direct marketing purposes. You may opt-out of receiving electronic newsletters and other commercial communications by following the opt-out instructions provided in such e-mails or by sending a request to that effect to the following address: [email protected].

Please note that messages relating to transactional accounts will not be affected, even if you refuse our commercial communications.


We retain information for as long as is necessary to provide the services requested by our customers and other parties, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements, subject to any legal obligation to retain such information longer. Information associated with your account is generally retained until it is no longer required to provide our services or until you ask us to delete it or your account is deleted, whichever comes first. They are then securely destroyed.


If you have a complaint regarding the application of this Policy, you may send it in writing to the following address: [email protected] or to the Privacy Officer indicated below. Any such complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the legislation currently in force.


We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy at any time. We therefore invite you to consult this Policy frequently.


Mr. Christian Lefèbvre, President, is responsible for the protection of personal information at Station Chêne rouge.

He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to know more about our Policy, we invite you to send us an e-mail at the following address: [email protected].

Last update : September 2023