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Donate $25 - > Receive $25

Regardless of the industry, product or service, it is difficult to be seen or heard these days, especially on the web.
Our small team does its best to put its heart into the experiences we create and offer, but there are still many people who have never heard of our Eastern Townships resort. Our referral program helps us spread the word about our company and our vision, and offers you a reward for supporting us.

Donate $25 - > Receive $25

If each of you, our customers, would recommend just one person, it would have a huge impact on our small business. Instead of spending money on advertising, we would rather give money to you, the people who talk about our resort. Any help is greatly appreciated. We hope you continue to enjoy the getaways we create. Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you soon. The Red Oak Resort and Glampsource Team

About the program

Do you know a friend or family member (maybe even two) - who needs a nature vacation?

Refer someone for a vacation at Red Oak Resort and we'll send them $25 off their stay.

When they book a stay with us, YOU will also get $25 off your next stay. In fact, receive $25 off for every friend you refer.

No commitment, no tricks, just a simple way to help you share the love we offer and thank you for doing so.

We look forward to seeing you all together soon!

The Red Oak Station and Glampsource team

How does it work?

Donate $25, get $25 in three easy steps.

  1. Offer $25 to your friends.
    Enter the name and email of your friends or family members and offer them a $25 discount on their first order.
  2. Your friends or family, makes a purchase.
    You will be notified by email when your friend uses your referral effort.
  3. You receive $25!
    Like magic, an email including a gift card with a unique discount code that gives you $25 off your future stay at our resort.

N.B.: When several promotions are in effect, only one is applicable at the time of your reservation. Please note that they are not cumulative. Other conditions may apply.

The promotional rate is at all times non-changeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.