Taste directly from the farm

A region full
of flavours to discover

Quebec's Eastern Townships, and particularly the North Hatley region, are renowned for their rich agricultural tradition. Tasting directly from the farm is an unmissable culinary experience for all epicureans visiting the region.

Local cheese dairies are particularly renowned, with establishments such as Domaine de Courval, Fromagerie La Station, Ferme Les Broussailles, Laiterie de Coaticook, Fromagerie-Abbaye-St-Benoit, Fromagerie Nouvelle-France and Fromagerie De La Gare. These cheese dairies offer a wide variety of cheeses, from aged cheddars to soft cheeses, all made from local milk.
Local bakeries, such as Marché Ferme Beaulieu and Les Vraies Richesses, offer artisan breads, pastries and savory pastries. Don't miss the maple syrup doughnuts, a local specialty, at Marché Ferme Beaulieu.

The region is also rich in organic farms, such as Le Potager d'Émylou, Ferme Sanders and Les Vallons maraîchers. These farms produce a variety of organic fruits and vegetables that you can buy directly on site. Ferme Wera in Lennoxville also offers pick-your-own vegetables. Sherbrooke's Marché de La Gare and Compton's Marché Public are great places to buy farm-fresh produce. And for a more immersive experience, visit the Bleuetière biologique des Étangs et Bleuets des Cantons to pick your own berries.

The region's sugar bushes, such as Érablière Gareau and Érablière Bélanger, are not to be missed during the sugaring-off season.

Boucherie Face de Boeuf offers top-quality meats, while Miel Pur Délice and Miellerie Lune de Miel offer a wide range of bee products.

For a unique experience, visit Domaine Alpagas Essencia, where you can meet these fascinating animals and discover their products.

Fromagerie La Station


Les Broussailles Farm


Bleuetière Bio des Étangs

North Hatley

Abbey Cheese


North Hatley Market

North Hatley

Boucherie Face de Boeuf

Ayer's Cliff

The Real Wealth


Wera Farm


Alpaga Essencia Estate


Les Vallons Maraîchers


Public Market


Beaulieu Farm Market


Cheese dairies

  • Domaine de Courval - Cheese Factory and Farm
  • Fromagerie La Station
  • Les Broussailles Farm
  • Coaticook Dairy
  • Fromagerie-Abbaye-St-Benoit
  • Fromagerie Nouvelle-France
  • Fromagerie De La Gare


  • Beaulieu Farm Market
  • The Real Wealth

Doughnuts with erable syrup

  • Beaulieu Farm Market

U-pick vegetables

  • Wera Farm Lennoxville

Maple groves

  • Erablière Gareau
  • Bélanger Sugar Bush

Organic farm

  • Emylou's vegetable garden
  • Sanders Farm
  • The market garden valleys

Visit to the farmers' market

  • Sherbrooke Station Market
  • Compton Public Market

Farm visits and picking

  • Bleuetière Biologique des Étangs
  • Blueberries of the Cantons

Sausages, Meat

  • Boucherie Face de Boeuf


  • Pure Delight Honey
  • Lune de Miel honey factory


  • Alpagas Essencia Estate