Grants for artists

It can be hard to find the time, place and inspiration to paint in our hectic daily lives. Get out into nature and reconnect with your creative side.

Nature is the best canvas for artists to develop their creativity.

Our Artists' Bursary Scheme offers a free 2-night getaway at Station Chêne Rouge to artists of all kinds, from painters and cooks to sculptors and singers.


Please apply using the form below. Each application is reviewed by our team.

Artists are informed within one month of the acceptance or rejection of their application.

You are invited to submit a new application for an artist grant. We recommend that you reapply at least one year after the date of your initial application.

We use the term "artist" in a broad sense - writers, illustrators, poets, chefs, game designers, urban planners - anyone who creates is considered a good candidate for the grant.

Your getaway is offered when you participate in our Artist Scholarship Program. Please note that transportation to and from the Chêne Rouge Station is not provided and groceries in the cabin are at your expense.

Our Artists' Fellowship program usually lasts two nights and three weekdays.

To apply