Terms and Conditions

Rental Characteristics

The car park is located near the front desk. You will have to walk to your eco-lodge using the trails. The units are located between 40 and 950 metres from the car park.

We offer two-way luggage transportation service if necessary, but it must be ordered upon reservation of your cabin for the extra cost of $20. Wheelbarrows are available for free to transport luggage.

We love dogs and they are welcome in specific eco-lodges. Please verify if the cabin you are interested in permits animals upon reservation.

A sanitation block, equipped with six showers, four toilets, two sinks and kitchen counters, are available below the front desk area.

Over 5 kilometres of trails are made available for several outdoor activities; our trails are linked to the municipal trails of Hatley Township and the Axe Sherbrooke-North Hatley bike trail for kilometres of hiking and mountain-biking fun. Motor vehicles are not permitted on these trails.

You will have to return the eco-lodge in the same way you found it. Any damaged or missing item will be your responsibility and you will be billed.

Visitors' responsibilities and rules

We are committed to doing our absolute best to make your stay pleasant and we expect your full cooperation for everyone's enjoyment.

Failure to respect these responsibilities can lead to extra fees. By paying for your reservation (booking), you are implicitly agreeing to the following conditions.

Arrival/Check-in starts at 4 pm. Please contact us in advance if you will be checking in after opening hours.

Checkout : before 11 am . Departures after 11 am will imply additional charges up to an added night fee.

All motor vehicles are forbidden past the front desk car park. You will have to park in the designated area and register upon your arrival. The cabin is reserved to the renters and their registered guests (as mentioned during reservation - booking).

We put great effort into making our trails safe; you must always remain on our marked trails; injuries caused by your activities lie under your responsibility. A safety kit is available at the front desk.

In order to minimize our ecological footprint, there are recycling and composting bins at your disposal at the front desk. We count on your collaboration to use them. Please do not leave any trash in your eco-lodge.

Dogs are the only pets authorized on the site for the rental of selected cabins. They are welcome in two Rectangles, Triangles, in most Ready-to-Camp units, campsites and three selected Pods. They must be registered upon reservation. 

We allow your dog in the cabins and they must always be under the control of their owner. They must be on a leash (shorter than 3 metres) and under constant surveillance. You must pick up their waste and dispose of it in the outdoor garbage bin. Dogs must not go onto the mattresses nor the furniture. We recommend bringing a cushion or a cage for your pets. Throughout the night, your dog must remain inside the cabin with their owners and under control to ensure tranquility for all visitors. 

However, pets are not allowed inside the common areas (sanitation block and front desk). 

Smoking is only permitted around your cabin's fire pit.

Keeping fellow visitors in mind, music is only permitted at low volume inside the cabins. After 10 pm, no music is permitted and we ask people to talk at low-volume levels. 

Hunting is strictly forbidden on the entirety of the site.

Cutting or collecting wood is forbidden on site in order to preserve the natural fauna and flora. Bringing wood from outside the site is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, in order to prevent the transportation of noxious insects and diseases onto the site.

Firewood kits are available for $6 plus taxes at the front desk.

Campfires (in the fire pits) are authorized under constant surveillance and following the provincial SOPFEU regulations. If the fire index is orange or red, no fires are permitted. Fires must be put out before visitors go to sleep.

Booking Policy

A deposit of up to $150 my be charged to your credit card for the four-season eco-lodges (Pods, Triangles, Rectangles) at checkout and refunded upon inspection of your cabin. For the Ready-to-Camp units, the deposit amount is $100. 

No extra fee will be charged without a primary discussion between guests and hosts. 

When many promotions are ongoing, only one will be applicable upon reservation. Please note that they cannot be cumulative. Other conditions might apply. 

Cancellation fees

All our prices are subject to taxes (GST 5%, QST 9.5%, Lodging Tax 3.5%).

Please note that no refunds are done for an early departure.